Jaltest Customer Service

Remote Assistance

New hardware and software communications

The staff will answer customers questions at any time, from improvements in the diagnosis equipment to new implementations in the software.

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service codes

Activation Codes

Activation and update codes are essential for the Jaltest project. The Customer Service department will give those codes in a safe and quick way.

Update files

The staff will inform about the benefits from the updates, dates that they will be available, apart from solving the customers any possible problem in this matter.

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service condition

Equipment condition

Since the moment of the purchase  you will be duly informed about the condition of your equipment, delivery date.

Technological innovation

The continuous advances in the technology of the vehicles require a constant renovation of cables, computers (touch screen PC), documents, etc. Due to this, the Customer Service department will inform about the new developments and will help the client to access to these improvements.

service innovation

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