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2.Jaltest Soft
3.Tablets & PCs
4.Optional Cable Sets
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  • Basic Kit components(29365)

    Picture Reference Description
      JTP 96 Multipins Cable
      29380 Transport case
      JDC100M2 Extension Cable
      JDC107.4 USB Cable
      29318 Jaltest Link interface

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  • Jaltest Soft

    Picture Reference Description Select
      29303 EUROPEAN - Jaltest Soft (European Version) (Multibrand Diagnositc Software; includes Jaltest Info and American and Asian Software)
      29300 AMERICAN - Jaltest Soft (American Version) (Multibrand Diagnositc Software; includes Jaltest Info) Includes Asian models marketed in U.S. VIN INFORMATION (Exclusive for American Version) Optional

    Jaltest Info

    Picture Reference Description Select
      29406 Included with Jaltest Soft (Cannot be purchased stand-alone)

    Jaltest Update

    Picture Reference Description Select
      29051 Yearly Jaltest License including updates and Technical Information
  • Tablets & PCs

    Picture Reference Description Select
      29501 Jaltest Rugged PC
      29112 JalTest Workstation Trolley
  • Trailer Cable Set (Ref: 29361)

    Picture Type Reference Description
      Trailer JDC 101M2 Haldex MODAL diagnosis cable
      Trailer JDC 102M2 Haldex MODULAR diagnosis cable
      Trailer JDC 103M2 VCS, ECAS, Vario C, Trailer EBS and TEBS diagnosis cable, Wabco and Knorr
      Trailer JDC 108M2 EB+ connection cable
      Trailer JDC 110M2 CAN diagnosis ISO 7638

    Cable set for Truck and Bus (Ref: 29362)

    Pict. Type Reference Description
      Truck & Bus JDC201M2 Volvo cable
      Truck & Bus JDC202M2 Iveco cable (< 1998)
      Truck & Bus JDC203M2 Mercedes cable
      Truck & Bus JDC205M2 Renault Cable
      Truck & Bus JDC206M2 Iveco cable (> 1998)
      Truck & Bus JDC207M2 MAN cable Series TGA, TGL AND TGM
      Truck & Bus JDC209M2 Diagnosis Cable DAF & Scania
      Truck & Bus JDC210M2 Diagnosis Cable MAN F2000
      Truck & Bus JDC213M2 OBD Cable
      Case 29381 Cable case

    Picture Type Reference Description Select
      Trailer JDC214M2 Diagnosis Cable DAF LF 45


    Picture Type Reference Description Select
      Bus JDC301.2 Cable for Volvo Bus with ECS
      Bus JDC302.2 Cable for Volvo bus with ABS
      Bus JDC303.2 Diagnosis cable for ZF


    Picture Type Reference Description Select
      Multiplexer JDC211M2 “SAE” protocol cable (6 pins)
      Multiplexer JDC212M2 “SAE” protocol cable (9 pins)
      Multiplexer JDC215M2 Diagnosis cable for General Motors


    Picture Type Reference Description Select
      LCV JDC401M2 Multiplexer Cable for Iveco Daily
      LCV JDC402M2 Diagnosis cable for VW
      LCV JDC403M2 Diagnosis cable for PSA
      LCV JDCOBD1 OBD Adapter (JDC208M2 - JDC213M2)
  • Order summary

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