EBS Trailer systems and programming of special functions - C1002

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The main EBS brake systems installed in towed vehicles of Wabco, Knorr-Bremse and Haldex are described.

• Operating electro-pneumatic diagrams of each system.

• Electrical and electropneumatic components that make up each brake system.

The different special function programming that can be carried out with Jaltest in these brake systems are studied.

- Detailed explanations on the topic with texts and images.

- Explanatory videos of component disassembly/assembly, access information with Jaltest…

- Learning test with questions about the course contents


This interactive course aims to provide training for technicians on the study of trailer EBS systems manufactured by Wabco, Knorr and Haldex, as well as on special function programming to be carried out with Jaltest in these systems. In addition, it aims to provide with detailed information about the diagnostic possibilities that Jaltest offers on each of the technical topics presented in this course, as well as to exchange experiences with all the technicians taking the course.