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      1. What type of product can I find under Jaltest Tools brand?

      Jaltest Tools covers a great number of professional tools for workshop that complement the diagnostics and repair process, such as ADAS calibration equipment, testing equipment, electrical and auxiliary equipment, precision and special tools, etc. Discover all the catalogue here.

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      2. How can I search and identify a particular tool?

      To identify a particular product, access our online catalogue. You can filter the products by category or use the browser to obtain results quickly.

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      3. What are the advantages of using this type of equipment?

      Having precise and easy-to-use professional tools guarantees the quick action and cost savings in labour, allowing the workshop to deal with a higher number of vehicles more efficiently and in record time.

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      4. What competitive advantages does Jaltest Tools have against other workshop tooling brands?

      All products of Jaltest Tools have been developed by our engineering team, taking into account the specific needs of more than 25,000 customers around the world, which guarantees high quality and total suitability to the workshop environment.

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      5. If I am already a user of Jaltest Diagnostics, how can I benefit from acquiring other Jaltest Tools products?

      If you already have Jaltest Diagnostics equipment, Jaltest Tools ensures the comfort of having all compatible devices from the same supplier, facilitating the repair, recalibration and maintenance processes regardless of the model and brand of the vehicle.

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      6. What are ADAS systems?

      The ADAS safety systems are advanced systems for driver support and they are increasingly present in new vehicles. Their functions include the management of the adaptive cruise control, object detection or lane departure detection. These systems must be often readjusted after accidents, windscreen wiper renovation, control unit replacement, adjustments to the vehicle chassis, improper behaviours, etc. Discover all about ADAS system calibration .

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      7. Where can I find catalogues?

      You can find Jaltest Tools digital catalogues in our section "Downloads" or consult our online catalogue directly.


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