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Jaltest Software 19.2  NorthAmerica

Cojali launches its latest software update for North America’s leading all-makes diagnostics tool, Jaltest Diagnostics.

As with past instalments, the 19.2 software version adds considerable new innovations to continue helping all-makes shops get the job done the first time around, offering unparalleled access to OE-level Maintenance Tools and Technical Information. Technicians can enjoy access to the broadest diagnostic capabilities available in the industry today, with a tool that delivers when most needed.

This new software version includes:

  • 13 new makes.
  • 393 new models.
  • 2,382 new systems.
  • 30,006 new fault codes.

Cojali’s Jaltest Info Online module, a true Truck-Fix Encyclopedia that continues to grow each version and offers industry-leading technical solutions for the shop, includes now more than 30,376 troubleshooting guides by code and 99,025 troubleshooting guides by symptoms with access to any troubleshooting guide with no physical connection to the vehicle.

Software Innovations:

  • Freeze-Frame data search field.
  • Vehicle System Scan. Action and system search function by model.
  • … And much more!

New diagnosis and system functionalities:

  • HD
    • CUMMINS:
      • ECU Replacement. Copy & Paste ECU Memory.
      • Engine abuse data (history and its reset).
      • Clear ECU password (Backdoor password).
      • Improved Component Replacement guides with new images.
      • SmartTrac HABS: Control Unit Programming (Blank modules).
      • SmartTrac HABS: Control Unit Programming (Blank modules).
    • PACCAR:
      • MX US17: Injector coding & VGT calibration.
  • LCV
    • DODGE:
      • Ram with Cummins 6.7: DPF regeneration.
      • Ram ProMaster 3.6 coverage model.
      • LF8 – 6HK1-TC: DPF regeneration.
  • OHW
      • New systems, calibrations and injectors coding.
      • 200 Series, transmission and implement control valve calibrations.
      • C-4.4/C-6.6 Engine: Recovery process of the exhaust aftertreatment system.
      • New Brands and New cables: JDC 544A and JDC 543A (TUG vehicles).
    • VOLVO CE:
      • New aftertreatment coverage.
      • EGR valve calibration.
    • YANMAR:
      • Expanded coverage.
  • AGV
    • CLAAS:
      • New Final Tier 4/Stage IV models.
      • Configuration of the Autotronic 5 – Dyna 6 transmission in X400, X600 & X700 Series.

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