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Jaltest ISOBUS Control, the solution for total connectivity of agricultural machinery


Cojali Group, a leading company in the development of diagnostic software and technology for the management of commercial vehicles, presents Jaltest ISOBUS Control, the solution for connectivity based on ISOBUS technology, which ensures 100 % connection and compatibility between tractors and implements, regardless of the manufacturer of each of them.

Jaltest ISOBUS Control not only gives guarantees concerning the complete compatibility between tractor and any time of implement, such as sprayer, spreader, seeder, etc. but also makes the agricultural production more efficient thanks to introduction of digitalization in processes and operations, which enables a cost reduction, machinery performance improvement and resource management improvement. Jaltest ISOBUS CONTROL can be customised according to the needs of each project, adapting to the technical specifications requested.

Cojali is taking a further step in precision agriculture and includes telematics solutions that operate through ISOBUS, incorporating networks, intelligent systems and data management tools, in order to provide the necessary help to make appropriate decisions in complex situations, and to achieve the automation of agricultural production processes.

“The tractors and the rest of agricultural machinery increasingly incorporate electric elements”, says José Miguel Sánchez, Agricultural Vehicles Product Manager of Cojali. “Thanks to Jaltest ISOBUS Control, it is now possible to achieve the maximum performance of agricultural machinery to easily and successfully manage a productive and efficient business adapted to new technologies..

“From AEF, we certify the effort made by Cojali to guarantee the quality of its products with ISOBUS technology, with the objective of working under ISOBUS standards and protocols with the utmost professionalism, and helping to achieve the maximum performance of agricultural machines.”,--Simone Zamboni, Fondazione REI (AEF Certified Laboratory).

Jaltest ISOBUS CONTROL is certified by the AEF (Agricultural Industry Electronics Foundation) association to demonstrate that its solutions are compatible and fully interact with machines, implements and agricultural terminals of manufacturers subject to ISOBUS standard. Cojali is an active member of AEF since 2017.

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