JALTEST | FCA US authenticated diagnostics


Jaltest has been categorised by the FCA group as an authenticated tool for advanced diagnostics in vehicles with an SGW module.

FCA vehicles (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles) have been protected since 2018 with an SGW security module (Secure GateWay) in order to prevent unauthorised diagnostics and security attacks.

This module limits the functionalities of the diagnosis performed without an authorized diagnostic tool, such as bidirectional tests, DTC clearing and the rest of the functions necessary to carry out the complete repair of the vehicle.

Jaltest provides access to protected FCA vehicles equipped with this SGW security module. In order to perform advanced diagnostic functionalities, Jaltest offers an easy connection between the user diagnostic tool and the manufacturer's authentication servers.

Find out how to configure your diagnostic tool to gain access to vehicles protected by the FCA US group.