JALTEST TOOLS | NEW Kit for the removal of Raufoss ABC System Pneumatic connections (50105117)


Nowadays, a large part of the new models of Euro 6 commercial vehicles and trailers have the Raufoss ABC System, an innovative system, launched by the manufacturer Kongsberg, that improves considerably the properties of pneumatic connections in brake systems, among others.

Therefore, in Jaltest Tools we have created a tool kit to remove these pneumatic connections, quickly and easily when any component or the pneumatic installation requires maintenance or repair.

Thanks to the disassembly of the Raufoss ABC pneumatic connections, it is possible to reuse the material without cutting or disposing of components and to optimise the working time.

Click on the video to see how we carry out this procedure in a truck Renault T series Euro 6 and don't miss out on your kit!

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