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Agricultural Vehicle

Jaltest AGV. Use of the device and diagnostics - C3101

Jaltest AGV. Use of the device and diagnostics


Course to acquire the necessary knowledge about the main systems with electronic control in order to interpret the diagnosis in agricultural vehicles correctly.

We perform diagnosis in the different systems with electronic control.

  • Brake systems: BRC, brake system

  • Engine management system: HPCR CP3, Common Rail

  • Gearbox: EPC, Transmission / PTI, Transmission

  • Hydraulic systems: HCU, hydraulic lift

  • Electronic modules: TEC, implement controller

  • Powertrain: PTO, power take-off


Train the technician to diagnose the main systems in an agricultural vehicle.

Duration 16 Hours

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C3501: 'Transmissions in agricultural vehicles'

C3301: 'Hydraulics in agricultural vehicles. Reading of hydraulic diagrams'

C3401: 'Common-Rail, AdBlue/DEF y postratamiento de gases de escape. Diagnosis y comprobación de averías'

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