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Engine Management

Common - Rail. Diagnosis and checking of fuel systems - C0403

Common - Rail. Diagnosis and checking of fuel systems


Theoretical-practical course.

Detailed study of the Common - Rail system and its components, of both the low and high pressure parts.

Components of low pressure part:

  • Fuel tank with pre-filter.

  • Pre-pump.

  • Fuel filter.

  • Low pressure fuel pipes.

Components of high pressure part:

  • High pressure pump with pressure relief valve.

  • High pressure fuel pipes.

  • Rail as high pressure accumulator with Rail pressure sensor, pressure relief valve and flow limiter

  • Injectors.

  • Fuel return pipes.

Study of the Common-Rail injection system, fuel diagrams and system components of Common-Rail system of the 7 major European truck brands.

  • DAF: ECS-DC3 & DC4

  • IVECO: EDC7 & EDC7 UC31

  • MAN: EDC 7


  • RENAULT: dCi



Duration 16 Hours

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