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Jaltest Catalogue
2017 V.3 - 22/05/2017

Jaltest is the most powerful device in the market regarding the possibilities it offers, both in the field of advanced diagnostics as well as in every function which p...

Jaltest AGV Catalogue
2017 V.1 - 02/11/2017

JALTEST AGV. The diagnosis solution for commercial and agricultural vehicles.

Jaltest Marine Catalogue
2017 V.3 - 22/11/2017

Jaltest Marine is the latest Multibrand Diagnostics Solution developed by Cojali. This new product is aimed to perform diagnostics and maintenance procedures on Inboar...

Jaltest Training Plan
2018 V.1 - 09/01/2018

Jaltest Training Plan


Jaltest Commercial Vehicle brochure
2017V.1 - 28/08/2017

Truck, trailer, semi-trailer, bus, van… Jaltest is the benchmark multibrand diagnostic tool. The widest coverage, the most advance diagnostics tasks , technical inform...

Jaltest ETM Brochure
2017 V.1 - 05/10/2017

ETM (Electronic Test Module) is an additional module to Jaltest Software that is used to verify the electronic modules and sensors installed in Commercial Vehicles.

Jaltest BUS brochure
2017 V.1 - 07/07/2017

The best coverage for city bus, inter-city bus and minibus… All the systems, brands and fleets creation, safety of working with the best diagnostic tool and technical ...

Jaltest AGV Brochure
2016 V.1 - 07/02/2017

Every Jaltest multibrand diagnostics possibility for commercial and agricultural vehicles. This unit offers a great coverage for brands, systems, technical data…

Jaltest OHW brochure
2017 V.1 - 07/07/2017

The diagnosis tool for Off-Highway vehicles. Diagnostics, technical information, workshop management for construction vehicles, stationary engines, road cleaning vehic...

Jaltest Marine Brochure
2017 V.1 - 01/09/2017

All Jaltest multibrand diagnostics possibilities for vessels such as Jet Skis, Outboard and Inboard engines.

Jaltest Telematics Brochure
2017 V.2 - 24/05/2017

The new Jaltest tool combines the optimization of fleets with Jaltest diagnosis experience.

COJALI Brochure
2016 V.1 - 21/04/2016

Discover in short some lines of business developed by Cojali Group.

Jaltest J-TDO Brochure
2016 V.1 - 21/04/2016

J-TDO (Jaltest Trailer Diagnostics On-board) is an on-board solution for trailers and semi-trailers equipped with EBS braking technology. Perform Diagnostics and check...

Jaltest Asia Brochure
2017 V.2 - 14/11/2017

Jaltest opens new markets in the Asian Giant and showcases ‘Jaltest Asia’, its multibrand diagnosis tool for Chinese Commercial Vehicles.


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