Manejo de Osciloscopio. Comprobación de componentes eléctricos. - C0202

Manejo de Osciloscopio. Comprobación de componentes eléctricos.


16 hours


Theoretical-practical course.

Interpretation and checking of wiring diagrams, sensors and electronic components from different brands of commercial vehicles with the help of the appropriate documentation and material.

Verification of sensors such as pressure sensors, height sensors, brake signal transmitters, fan clutches with electronic control (coil and hall sensor) by interpreting the graphs and with the help of a multimeter and an oscilloscope.


Operate the multimeter in an advanced way.

Analyse electrical signals both theoretically and practically with the help of an oscilloscope.


The course description and its objectives indicate that it is advisable to have a basic knowledge on Diagnosis and Electricity in order to achieve such goals in an optimal way.

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