Multi-Brand Diagnostic

Jaltest is the multibrand diagnosis tool on the market, for trucks. It allows multibrand and multisystem diagnosis for trucks, trailer, vans, tractors as well as for military vehicles, among others.

Thanks to Jaltest Software diagnosis software, making your vehicle diagnosis will become an easy and quick task. Jaltest Software allows:

  • Analysis and repair of diagnosis errors
  • Consultation of Technical Information
  • Visualizing of wiring diagrams

A single diagnosis tool for all your vehicles

These are the main features of the Jaltest diagnosis tool:

  • Diagnosis
  • Activations
  • Components tests
  • ECU data
  • Systems identification
  • Systems configuration
  • Measuring
  • Reprogramming

In addition, Jaltest offers a great service range at your disposal:

  • Equipment: Hardware and Software
  • Training
  • Technical Assistance
  • Technical Information
  • Spare parts information
  • Business Management
  • After-sales support
  • Customer Service