EBS in trucks. Diagnostics, diagrams and system checks - C0302

EBS in trucks. Diagnostics, diagrams and system checks




Theoretical-practical course.

This course brings together electricity and pneumatics, therefore, a brief review of said concepts will be carried out.

Detailed analysis of the operation of each of the electronically controlled valves and complete interpretation of electro-pneumatic diagrams in brake systems of the main manufacturers.


Learn to relate electricity, pneumatics and diagnosis collectively in order to be able to deal with as many errors as possible.

Learn to differentiate between systems with and without electronic control. Learn the operation of the electronic control of the braking based on the load.

Lear the operation of the electronically controlled brake systems.


The course description and its objectives indicate that it is advisable to have a basic knowledge on Diagnosis and Electricity in order to achieve such goals in an optimal way.

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