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Why updates on current devices are so needed?


Updates are processes designed to install the latest software versions on devices. Nowadays, updating programs or operating systems is fundamental for their correct performance, not only to improve their functionalities, but also to correct errors and, most importantly, to enhance safety and prevent future vulnerabilities, an essential issue today.

As with mobile devices, users must download and install updates to protect their devices and enjoy the advantages and improvements implemented in the new update of their software. If the update is not carried out, we are exposed to risks such as decline in privacy or data thefts.

Diagnostic and Telematic solutions of Jaltest have as their priority to make sure that their customers receive the innovations and improvements that their devices and equipment need. Cojali, as a company committed to development and innovation, has managed to update the software of its diagnostic tool, Jaltest, three times a year for free, through an annual license.

Each new version includes the extension of new brands and models coverage, as well as the latest diagnostic functions and systems. With these updates, Cojali intends to strengthen the trust that its customers have placed in its Jaltest tools and products, always providing the latest advances in technology and safety. Cojali offers not only the industry-leading diagnostic tool for commercial vehicle, but also facilitates the continuous updating of the services included in it to ensure an optimal result.

Last October, Jaltest launched the new Jaltest 19.3 software version with new brands, models, systems and…much more! For more information, visit our social networks or our website www.jaltest.com.

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