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The private company REI Lab is an electronic certification laboratory for automotive components which, in collaboration with the Fondazione REI, is consolidated as one of the companies authorized by the AEF (Agricultural Industry Electronics Foundation), for the accreditation of electronic devices under different standards, such as the ISOBUS standard.

Jaltest ISOBUS CONTROL, the connectivity solution between tractor and implement developed by Cojali, is certified by the AEF association to demonstrate that its solutions are compatible and fully interact with machines, implements and agricultural terminals of manufacturers who are subject to the ISOBUS standard.

“From AEF, we certify the effort made by Cojali to guarantee the quality of its products with ISOBUS technology, with the objective of working under ISOBUS standards and protocols with the utmost professionalism and helping to achieve the maximum performance of agricultural machines.” — Simone Zamboni, Fondazione REI (AEF Certified Laboratory).

Cojali, as an active member of AEF since 2017, thanks to the Fondazione REI and REI Lab for their continued willingness to collaborate and cooperate for the certification of their products and projects.

Certificado REI
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