FIMA 2020

Cojali Group, leading company in the development of diagnostic software and technological solutions for commercial vehicles and agricultural machinery, went to the last edition of FIMA, the International fair of agricultural machinery, which took place in Zaragoza, February 25-29, to present Jaltest ISOBUS CONTROL, the set of connectivity solutions between tractor and implement recently launched to the market, as well as JALTEST AGV, the version for agricultural machinery of the multibrand and multisystem diagnostic tool of Cojali.

FIMA 2020 FIMA 2020

Jaltest ISOBUS CONTROL is a set of connectivity solutions based on ISOBUS technology that ensures 100% connection and full compatibility between tractors and implements. With these solutions, Cojali presents the digitalization of agricultural production processes to obtain the maximum performance of the machinery in order to manage the resources efficiently and making precision agricultural more accessible.

FIMA 2020

The range of products of Jaltest ISOBUS CONTROL includes:

  • Jaltest ISOBUS CONTROL Full
  • Jaltest ISOBUS CONTROL Lite
  • Jaltest ISOBUS CONTROL Connect
  • Jaltest ISOBUS CONTROL Management
FIMA 2020

Cojali also launched at FIMA the latest innovations from Jaltest Diagnostics, its leading multi-brand diagnostic tool, including the new V9 link, which is faster, lighter, safer and more compact, as well as the new version 20.1 of JALTEST AGV that, among other improvements, increases its coverage by exceeding 50 brands, more than 1130 models and 8000 systems included, as well as 4200 wiring diagrams. Similarly, the new version presents a new faster and more attractive interface, thus contributing to an improvement in the user experience.

FIMA 2020

Jaltest has recently received several awards of the market, including the following:

  • 2020 – AG Expo Innovation Award (Jaltest AGV)
  • 2019 – IBEX Innovation Award (Jaltest Marine)
  • 2019 – PTEN Innovation Awards (Jaltest CV)

In addition, in the official pavilion (Hall 10, Stand H7) of Cojali, visitors to the Fair attended presentations of Jaltest AGV at the stands of the main official distributors of the solution.

FIMA 2020

“People wrongly think that the agricultural sector is not a technologically advanced sector, on the contrary, nothing could be further from the truth. At machinery level, the incorporation of European regulations Tier IV Final, in terms of aspects related to pollution, requires that tractors and machinery used in agricultural, livestock and forestry production to be a 100 % environment-friendly and, in addition, the improvement of the working conditions of its workers has turned the most modern tractors into spaces studied from an ergonomic point of view, comfort, etc. All of this without giving up the continuous improvement of performances to optimize its effectiveness and efficiency. With this in mind, Jaltest diagnostic solutions become essential for the maintenance of this machinery that could perfectly compete in electronic systems with a latest generation passenger car”, says Arsenio González, Sales Manager & Business Development in Cojali.

“The new solutions of Jaltest ISOBUS CONTROL allows the user to apply fertilisers and chemical products with the maximum guarantees in its dosage, thus avoiding damage to fauna and ecosystem. In addition, the improvement of the performance of the tractor-implement set is another of the key aspects for Jaltest ISOBUS CONTROL, by using a communication bus common to all of them. In short, precision agriculture, based on Jaltest ISOBUS CONTROL technology, allows the user to directly manage the means of production used, as well as the results obtained, therefore it is possible to optimise decision making regarding farm management.”

FIMA 2020
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