Cojali S.L. has been consolidated as a leading company in the development of software and technological solutions for the automotive sector by establishing product quality as one of our fundamental pillars. This has caught the attention of public institutions such as the Spanish Ministry of Defence.

Since 2012, we have been supplying equipment and developing projects that incorporate specific applications for the Army vehicles and platforms. Among the main capabilities we offer to the Army, it is important to highlight Jaltest, the multi-system and multi-brand diagnostic solution developed and manufactured entirely by the company.

Each and every one of the projects is executed following strict quality standards which, in turn, are audited by the Ministry of Defence to ensure that all quality parameters collected in the corresponding specifications are faithfully followed. The audits are carried out through visit planning and documentary submissions together with the head of our Quality Department. These are focused on the review of all manufacturing processes, depending on the type of product involved in the project, from the software design and the supplier selection to the validation, product delivery and after-sales service.

Our Quality Department specifically designs a quality plan for each project, which includes all the requirements of the ISO 9001.2015 standard, in addition to others specifically from NATO, through the AQAP regulations, among which the following stand out:

  • AQAP 2105. NATO Requirements for Deliverable Quality Plan.
  • AQAP 2110. NATO Quality Assurance Requirements for Design, Development and Production.
  • AQAP 2130. NATO Quality Assurance Requirements for Inspection and Test.
  • AQAP 2210. NATO Supplementary Software Quality Assurance Requirements to AQAP 2110 or AQAP 2310.

Compliance with this regulation is important since we have catalogued equipment at the basis of the NATO Armed Forces supply chain, defined by a single name and a single NATO Stock Number (NSN). The NSN identification system guarantees the recognition of our articles under the same denomination, in the logistic system of the NATO membership.

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