We highlight part of the human value of the leading multi-brand diagnostic tool in the market

Technological advances require technicians to constantly update their knowledge, which is why Jaltest's Technical Assistance Service has become essential support when it comes to resolving certain vehicle breakdowns.

Thanks to the efforts of our Technical Assistance Department, at Cojali, we offer specialised support based on the experience of our technicians and the development of technical information for commercial vehicles.

In order to provide the maximum level of support to our customers and distributors, we also enable the possibility of remote connections to immediately solve the doubts and problems faced by our customers in their day-to-day work.

During this year 2020:

  • Our Technical Assistance Department has provided this service in over 115 countries;
  • About 43,500 technical queries from our Jaltest clients have been solved; and
  • Nearly 2,000 mechanical workshops have had and still have daily technical assistance from Jaltest in Spain.

Moreover, this department provides technical assistance for any of the new or re-manufactured components marketed by Cojali.

At Cojali, we emphasise our daily commitment to ensure the quality support our customers need, helping them to get the most out of each of our products.

The value of our services is people.

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