JALTEST CASE STUDY | Electrical checks of CAN lines in the NOx sensor of a Renault Premium Dxi model


In this new #JaltestCaseStudy, we show you how to check the correct operation of a CAN line using a multimeter and an oscilloscope in the NOx sensor of a Renault Premium DXi model.

To properly carry out this verification, it is necessary to search the technical information available about the component in #Jaltest, like its pin-out. Then, we need to check that the resistance and voltage values of the CAN line are correct, with the help of the #JaltestTools multimeter.

However, to display both CAN signals, analyse their behavior in detail and accurately measure their voltage levels, it is necessary to use an oscilloscope.

Once again, Jaltest provides the workshop with the necessary solutions to complete the process and check the correct state of a CAN line as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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