This tool kit is used to measure and check the camshaft lobe position in VOLVO D11K and RENAULT DTi11 engines.

What happens if this tool is not used?

  • Loss of time and reliability in our work.
  • Errors in the synchronisation of cylinder intake and exhaust valves.
  • Fuel injection problems.
  • Difficulty or even impossibility of starting the engine.
  • Increase in fuel consumption and loss of engine power.
  • Bad combustion leading to excessive pollution.

All this can cause an important failure in the engine, implying high costs in time and money.

Therefore, it is essential to use the correct equipment in order to offer our clients a guaranteed repair and project a professional image of our workshop.

Find your tool kit here!

Scaled disc

Fixing support. Engine D11K/DTi11

Indicator support. Engine D11K/DTi11

Fixing plate. Engine D11K/DTi1

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