JALTEST CASE STUDY | Calibration of the multifunction camera in Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 907 light vehicle


In this new #JaltestCaseStudy, we have travelled to the town of Herencia (Ciudad Real) to visit the company Technology & Security Developments S. L., specialised in design, manufacturing, development and maintenance of all types of security special vehicles.

Today we show you how to perform the calibration of the multifunction camera in Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 907 by using #Jaltest and the corresponding #JaltestTools calibration equipment. After the calibration, this Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 907 will go through a shielding process before being delivered to the client.

It is necessary to perform this calibration after replacing the windscreen, after a major modification in the undercarriage or in the suspension, or if any abnormal performance is detected, in order to ensure proper performance of the lane departure control system.

Once again, Jaltest offers advanced diagnostic functionalities such as the one shown in this video, along with suitable workshop equipment.

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