Happy International Translation Day!


Internationalisation is a business growth strategy that achieves communication between different countries. However, language is one of the biggest obstacles when expanding a business on a global scale.

In Cojali S. L., we have an internal team exclusively dedicated to ensuring this communication through management and quality control processes on the translations generated. For that reason, today we want to celebrate the International Translation Day by presenting to you Cojali Group Translation Department, in charge of removing linguistic barriers and enabling accessibility to products and services offered by our company to any person on the planet.

In Cojali Group we translate into 18 languages, including English, German, Arabic, Czech, Chinese, Korean, Croatian, French, Greek, Dutch, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Turkish and Bulgarian.

Within different fields of expertise such as technical, legal and audiovisual translation, our Translation Department addresses management, translation and proofreading of a wide variety of content, from contracts, catalogues, leaflets, technical releases, legal documents, manuals, guides, etc., to the comprehensive translation of both Jaltest Diagnostics and Jaltest Telematics software.

Our Translation Department is in direct contact with our whole technical team, thus first-hand understanding each and every of the products and processes carried out in the company.

Thanks to translation and our translators, in Cojali Group we manage to maintain international engagement with companies, partners and clients, and we will keep moving forward to optimise linguistic communication when building new business relations.

Grupo Cojali