Jaltest ETM (Electronic Test Module)

ETM is a JalTest software additional module used to verify the EBS brake modules of commercial vehicles. Just as with Jaltest, it is a dynamic tool that is continually evolving, that is why it will be updated three times per year.


Jaltest ETM (Electronic Test Module)

The equipment of this new tool consists of a hardcase that comprises the different elements necessary for diagnosis.

  • ETM interface
  • Diagnosis Software
  • Diagnosis cables for:
    • EBS Modulators.
    • ABS/EBS inductive wheel speed sensors.
    • Brake pads wearing sensors.

How to use it

ETM is able to check components independently, communicating with them as if they were a control unit and verifying whether these elements are really damaged or if the problem lies in associated elements such as cables, control unit, etc.


Jaltest ETM (Electronic Test Module)

Jaltest ETM module covers a great number of EBS electronic modules (Wabco first, second and third generations, Knorr second and third generations or Knorr trailer control modules), ABS/EBS inductive wheel speed sensors and brake pads wearing sensors.