System configuration in the suitcase

Jaltest Mobile Test Bench

2S/2M (two sensors and two modulators)
Elements on the suitcase
2 x brake cylinders
2 x speed sensors
Failure lamp (simulated with a red LED)
Pneumatic supply socket by quick plug
Trailer diagnosis connector (it allows connecting with Jaltest via direct
connector JDC 103.2 via multipins)
ISO7638 connector (it connects the lines indicated by this standard with the, corresponding ones in the EBS valve)


Jaltest Mobile Test Bench Jaltest Mobile Test Bench


  • Pressure
  • Speeds
  • Voltages

ECU Data

  • Type of ECU
  • Reference
  • Manufacturing date
  • Serial number
  • Software version


  • Copy of parameters from the valve to the pc
  • Load of parameters from VCI
  • Visualization of parameters
  • Modification of parameters

Components Actuation

  • Braking simulation
  • Active diagnosis of the valve

Additional information

Dimensions 515 x 415 x 200 mm
(20.27” x 16.34” x 7.87”)
Weight 11Kg (24.25 lbs)