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      1. Which type of products can I find under Jaltest ISOBUS brand?

      Jaltest ISOBUS offers all types of solutions depending on the needs. It covers from products for tractor retrofit without ISOBUS technology to solutions for manufacturers of agricultural equipment and implements of all kind.

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      2. What are the advantages of using this type of equipment?

      All Jaltest ISOBUS solutions allow the compatibility between tractors and agricultural equipment regardless of the manufacturer. Our ISOBUS technology is based on ISO 11783 standard and it is regulated by the AEF (agricultural industry electronics foundation).

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      3. What competitive advantages does Jaltest ISOBUS have?

      All products of Jaltest ISOBUS have been 100% developed and manufactured in Spain by our engineering team, taking into account the specific needs of each manufacturer, which guarantees high quality and total suitability to any agricultural equipment and implement.

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      4. If my tractor does not have ISOBUS technology, can I benefit from the advantages offered by ISOBUS implements from any manufacturer?

      Yes, of course. Jaltest ISOBUS also offers solutions for tractor retrofit to ISOBUS technology, in addition to functionalities such as visual guidance through a GPS antenna, agricultural task creation, control of agricultural equipment and implements through a joystick, etc.

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      5. Does Jaltest ISOBUS offer guidance solutions for the tractor?

      Yes. Through ISOBUS retrofit kit for tractors, we offer the required components, such as touchscreen, GPS antenna or wiring harnesses, apart from providing all the advantages offered by ISOBUS technology.

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      6. If I am a manufacturer of agricultural equipment and/or implements, could I use an electronic control in my machines through ISOBUS technology?

      Yes, of course. In Jaltest ISOBUS we have different specialised engineering departments to developed the required functionalities for each type of agricultural equipment or implement. Besides, we offer consultancy and technical advisory services to adapt implements to an electronic control based on ISOBUS technology. On the other hand, in Jaltest ISOBUS we have all the components required for the implementation and technical assistance by phone or in situ if needed.

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      7. If I have an agricultural machine or implement with a hydraulic control based on solenoid valves, can I adapt it to ISOBUS technology?

      Yes. Among the solutions offered by Jaltest ISOBUS, we have a versatile solution specially developed for agricultural equipment and implements with electro-hydraulic control (for example, shakers and collectors).

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      8. If I am already a user of Jaltest Diagnostics, how can I benefit from acquiring Jaltest ISOBUS products?

      If you already have a Jaltest Diagnostics device, you will have available the Jaltest ISOBUS licence to perform all the implement adjustments, ISOBUS functionality check of the tractor and implements, and end-of-line processes of manufacturers in a fast and simple way (component calibration, maintenance and warranty module, updates, etc.).


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