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      1. Do on-site courses include a practical part?

      All on-site courses of Jaltest University have 50% of practical content.

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      2. After finishing a webinar, will I have access to the content?

      After finishing a webinar, you will have access for 15 days to all the theoretical content by accessing the online course from Jaltest e-learning.

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      3. Will I get a diploma when the course ends?

      All our courses have a certification once completed. If you have taken a webinar, we will send you the diploma via e-mail. If you have attended the on-site course, we will deliver it by hand when the course is completed.

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      4. What is the capacity of webinars and on-site courses?

      Each webinar and on-site course has limited capacity, so that we can offer our participants maximum training quality.

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      5. Who conducts the webinars and on-site courses?

      Each webinar or on-site course is conducted by two trainers and engineers specialised in the corresponding content.

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      6. Are webinars dynamic?

      Yes, in our webinars the participants can make questions that the trainer answers in real time. It is also carried out a learning test where all the participants take part individually.

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      7. How much time do I have to complete an online course that I have bought?

      The online course will be available for 90 days from the moment in which you start displaying the content.

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      8. Is the content of online courses educational?

      In on online-courses it is possible a quick and simple navigation where you will find explanatory videos, high-quality images and a question test so that you can assess your learning. Besides, three trainers will be at your disposal to answer any technical doubts.

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      9. When should I pay for the webinar or course?

      The payment for the webinar or online course must be made at the time of the inscription.

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      10. Which are the paying methods for the webinar?

      The payment must be made through your distributor if you are already a user of Jaltest Diagnostics or via bank transfer or credit card if you are not a user of Jaltest Diagnostics.

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      11. What do I need to participate in the webinar?

      To take any of our webinars you simply need a computer with Internet connection and a microphone to ask questions and doubts if needed.

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      12. What do I need so that I can display an online course that I have bought?

      To display any of our online courses you will only need a computer with Windows 10, access to Internet and having Jaltest e-learning program installed. During the inscription, we will indicate you how to install it if you do not have it yet.

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      13. Can I buy an online course or attend a webinar even if I do not have Jaltest diagnostics tool?

      Of course! Our courses are open to any workshop professional that wants to be trained and gain knowledge, independently from the diagnostics tool in use.


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