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      1. Where can I find and identify products and solutions?

      Jaltest by Cojali has several a great number of solutions for the commercial automotive sector. From "Home" section on our website, you can select any of them and get information in depth. You can also use the browser to speed up your search.

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      2. I am a user or distributor, how can I access my private area?

      You can access your private area by clicking here. If you are not registered yet, you can do it by following some simple steps. In case you experience any problem in doing so, please contact our customer service through

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      3. Where can I find catalogues?

      You can find catalogues and other digital documentation in the section "Downloads" on our website.

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      4. Where can I find information about warranty terms of Jaltest products?

      You can find all the information about our sales and warranty conditions in our website footer. You can also consult them by clicking here.


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