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      1. What types of products does Cojali OEM Division offer?

      From OEM Division, Cojali offers different bespoke solutions, according to the needs of the client. Among them, we can find electronic viscous clutches, braking systems, electronic components, electronic control units, advanced diagnostics tools and telematics solutions with remote diagnostics and predictive maintenance.

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      2. On which type of manufacturer are focused the OEM products of Cojali?

      Manufacturers of commercial vehicles (truck, trailer, light vehicle), agricultural equipment, construction and earthmoving machinery, material handling equipment, of the marine sector or electronic system, among others.

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      3. I am interested in diagnostics. What type of coverage for electronic systems do you offer?

      Depending on the specific needs of the client, we can adapt our software to offer a multi-system coverage, as well as specific technical information of each electronic system. It is also possible to offer End-of-Line functionalities (EOL) for the manufacturer assembly line.

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      4. What types of electronic products is Cojali OEM Division capable of offering?

      Diagnostics devices, electronic control units, telematics devices, ISOBUS technology, test benches, sensors, etc.

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      5. What type of product support does Cojali OEM Division offer?

      Cojali offers support and technical assistance for all its range of OEM products, which will partially depend on the type of agreement reached with the client.

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      6. Does Cojali offer training to its OEM clients?

      Yes. Cojali has established itself as a worldwide benchmark in the sector, when it comes to offering product training services to its OEM client network. As an expert manufacturer in advanced diagnostics solutions, in Cojali, we adapt the different teaching materials according to the needs of our clients.

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      7. I am interested in the products. Which contact means should I use?

      You can contact us through our Contact Form.


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